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Take Your Practice To The Next Level

Finding the time to learn the skills you need as a business owner is hard.
And putting your intentions into action can be even harder.
You deserve a business coach who has experience establishing multiple dietetic clinic-based private practices through growing teams and can support you in creating the business and lifestyle harmony you desire.

You’ve Got The Dietetic Skills

Now It’s Time To Elevate Your Skills As A Business Owner

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Create time to work on your business not just in it

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Develop your skills to build community referrals

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Feel confident in the decisions you make to grow your practice

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Elevated Dietetics: Supporting Clinic-Based, Private Practice Dietitian Business Owners Who Want To Increase Their Impact, Influence And Income

Elevate Your Practice Program

6-month, group coaching program for private practice dietitians with a clinic-based business.

VIP Strategy Sessions

90-minute strategy session to focus on a specific challenge and take away a targeted implement plan.

Business Coaching By Dietitians For Dietitians


Build the skills you need to grow your private practice

No one taught us how to build a dietetic practice at university.
And growing a practice based around a predominantly in-person, physical clinic requires different knowledge than growing an online practice.
Learn the skills, systems and processes you need to grow your business without wasting time.


Take dedicated time out to work on your business

It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day running of your business. 
Our coaching sessions provide you with dedicated time and space to work on your role as a business owner and move your dietetic private practice forward.


Build momentum to grow your private dietetic practice

Making a bigger impact means taking small steps that lead in the same direction. At each coaching session, you’ll take away actionable goals that lead you in a clear direction. 
And be able to share your progress and make adjustments over the course of our work together. So you get to see momentum as you grow your practice.

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Don’t Waste Your Time On Generic Business Coaching

Hi, I’m Jodie.

Being a business owner is a bumpy ride, with highs, lows and everything in between.
Many of my clients tell me they feel confused and overwhelmed at what they should be spending their time on in their business.

I’ve built two successful dietetic practices, managed a team of nearly 40 employees and still been able to focus on prioritising my family first.

I created Elevated Dietetics to support clinic-based, private practice dietitian business owners who want to increase their impact, influence and income. So they can grow their business without burning out.

Elevate Your Practice Today

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Book A Call

Let’s talk about the goals you have for yourself and your private practice.

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Start Coaching

Choose from a 6-month group coaching program or one-off session.

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Get Growing

Watch as your new-found skills pay off with increased clarity and growth.

The Confidence And Tools To Grow Your Practice

We’re taught nothing about how to run a business. And running a physical clinic takes a different skill set than growing an online business.

To have consistent growth, clear direction and actionable goals, you need a business coach who can support you to stretch outside your comfort zone, think beyond the box and implement the systems and help you reduce the overwhelm.

So you can achieve sustainable, supported results without burning out.