What Does A Successful Private Practice Look Like To You?

Delivering Excellent Client Care

A Team You Can Rely On

Genuine Community Networks

Achieve time and financial freedom

Guiding You To Create The Private Practice You Desire

Many of my clients tell me they feel confused and overwhelmed because they don’t know where they should be spending their time working to grow their businesses.

You want to step back from some client work yet are unsure how and when to hire and delegate work to someone else, freeing up your time so you can prioritise working on the business, not always in the business.

You know business systems and procedures could help grow your business but aren’t sure where to start.

This is what I support private practice dietitians to do.

With regular coaching sessions, I guide you to implement your ideas, feel confident in decision-making, and gain clarity on where you want your business to thrive and grow. And take intentional steps to get you there.

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I Get It, Being A Business Owner Is A Bumpy Ride

I started my first private practice as a new graduate dietitian alongside working casually in the hospital setting.

I quickly found that I didn’t like the hospital environment and was eager to break free and create a service that would allow me to deliver the nutritional care I felt my community deserved and would benefit from.

No more red tape (well, perhaps less red tape). When I could see a better way of doing something or if I wanted to change a procedure or system, I could do it there and then, without layers of approval.

In 2007 I opened Optimum Intake Dietitians, a small business with just me offering home visit consulting. I started with a $2000 loan from my parents to buy a laptop and a yellow pages advert.

Today we have a team of 18 Dietitians, four client care coordinators, two clinics of our own, and multiple external clinics in the community.

Along the way, I fell into the field of eating disorders, worked 2 days a week in a public outpatient setting for almost 10 years and found my passion here.

This inspired me to open my second practice in 2015, a specific eating disorder clinic with dietitians and psychologists – Myrtle Oak Clinic. We now have seven dietitians, five psychologists and three client care coordinators, supporting the local and surrounding community to access specialist care.

I am a wife and a  mother of two energetic boys who help to keep me aligned with my values of putting family first. This makes me find creative ways to ensure that I spend quality time with them, support their interests on weekends and relax together.

All this would not have been possible if it was just me working in my private practice.

“Building a sustainable and enduring business requires a team of the right people who are passionate about carrying your vision for your private practice and the service you want for your clients and help you build a reputation to be known for and proud of.”

Jodie Sheraton, Elevated Dietetics

Elevated Dietetics: Supporting Clinic-Based Private Practice Dietitian Business Owners Who Want To Increase Their Impact, Influence And Income

Elevate Your Practice Program

6-month, group coaching program for private practice dietitians with a clinic-based business

VIP Strategy

90-minute strategy session to focus on a specific challenge and take away a targeted implement plan.